From one of the oldest rum producers in the world comes one of the finest rare aged rums ever bottled, Mount Gay 1703 Master Select.

Derived from double copper pot and single column still distillates, this spirit is a blend of 10 to 30 year old aged rums. 1703 Master Select is a  deliciously complex and concentrated nectar reflecting the life-long mastery of blender Allen Smith.

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select aged rum from BarbadosA Rare and Exclusive Rum

Mount Gay releases just one batch of 1703 Master Select annually. Approximately 12,000 bottles are distributed to 85 rum markets, including the United States, Barbados, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and more — making it a rare delight for the serious rum connoisseur.

1703 Master Select Tasting Notes

The striking rich copper hues of this heavy-bodied spirit are the first signs of it’s exclusive and rare qualities. The nose delivers big oak and ripe banana, baking spices and vanilla with a complexity that suggests fine cognac. The palate presents a bold, rich bouquet of toasted oak, toffee and leather before mellow notes of ripe banana, candied fruits and soft spices begin to fade slowly in the long, smooth, finish.

This rum demands to be appreciated in a proper tulip-shaped tasting glass or a brandy snifter. A small taste of this concentrated elixir delivers big flavor.

The addition of a small splash of water or a single small ice cube swirled in the glass can reveal additional notes of spice and sweetness on the palette.

Presented at 86 proof, the 750ml bottle carries a suggested retail price of about $150.

When visiting Bridgetown, Barbados, don’t miss a chance to tour the Mount Gay Distillery and Visitors Centre on Spring Garden Highway. Discover the colorful history of Mount Gay Rum, learn how the rum is made and savor rum samples. Enjoy Bajan cocktails on the verandah overlooking the sea, then take home a reminder of Good Times from their fully stocked souvenir boutique shop.

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