The Ultimate Rum Experience

Would you like to have our rum expert team organize a private rum tasting experience? Let us design a delightful tasting event for your gathering.

Private Rum Tasting experiences

Your guests will be amazed and delighted by…

The Rum Renaissance Tasting Experience

Let us present a fascinating luxury rum experience for your special event, lead by a notable rum exert.

Private Rum Tasting by noted rum expert Robert Burr

exquisite private rum tasting events hosted by a leading rum expert, featuring some of the most interesting rums in the world

We bring outstanding rums from around the world for your guests to discover, discern and savor. Our teams know just how to present these luxury rums, revealing first-hand experiences and stories of the producers, the distillers and the master blenders  — as well as the venerable and captivating histories of these brands.

From intimate groups of a dozen to extravagant gatherings and high profile special events, we have the know-how and experience to entice and delight your guests with our fabulous collections of fine rums of the world.

Call the Rum Expert

We’re ready, willing and able to consult with your event planning team to create the perfect experience.

The cost begins at $950 for two rum experts presenting a three hour session for up to 30 persons. Additional billing is $150 per hour per rum expert.

For more information about organizing your own private tasting event and for an exact quote for your event, contact us via email or use the form below.

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