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Lemon Hart Blackpool Spiced Rum from Guyana

A dark, rich  rum, Lemon Hart & Son’s Blackpool Spiced Rum is distilled, aged and blended at a single estate distillery in Guyana’s Demerara region.

The Legacy of Lemon Hart & Son rums

The Lemon Hart brand history spans centuries as the first official purveyor of rum to the British Royal Navy. The ever-popular 151 dark overproof rum gained a reputation among rum enthusiasts as a key ingredient in topical cocktails and tiki themed libations long ago.

Lemon Hart & Son's Blackpool dark spiced rumBefore 2010, Lemon Hart & Son rums were aged and blended in Canada by Pernod Ricard. A small percentage of Canadian neutral grain spirit was added for taxation purposes. Since that time, a Return to Heritage program has been initiated, moving Lemon Hart’s aging and blending process back to Guyana and delivering a final product that is today comprised of only 100% Demerara rums.

Introducing Blackpool Spiced Rum

This new Blackpool Spiced Rum rum expression carries on the tradition with a rich and complex blend of authentic Demerara rums accented with delightful spices from the Caribbean region and beyond.

Tasting Notes

Aromas begin with treacle and toasted marshmallow, burnt caramel, sweet vanilla, black coffee, dark fruit, light clove and nutmeg over a suggestion of caramel custard. On the palate, burnt caramel, brown butter and vanilla is accented by dark rich mocha, toasted marshmallow and black banana before the spices take over at mid-palate. Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger linger before fading into a hint of black pepper. Bitter oak in the finish keeps it from being cloying.

Bottled at 86 proof, Lemon Hart & Son’s Blackpool Spiced Rum brings complexity and bold flavor to any tropical libation. Try it with ginger beer for a delightfully simple and refreshing highball.

The 750ml bottle is priced at about $29.

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  1. Jaime Echeverri

    In regard to the featured Lemon Hart & Son rums; what is the name of the single estate distillery in Guyana’s Demerara region where the rum is produced and bottled?

    • Robert Burr

      There is only one estate remaining in Guyana that produces rum, Diamond estate, the same producer of El Dorado rums.

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