Robs Rum Guide 2016

Robs Rum Guide

consider the very best rums in the world…

Here is a venerable liquor that shows an incredible range of variations. Each are unique reflections of distinct cultures that share a common affection and appreciation for sugar cane spirits.

Robs Rum Guide strives to be a comprehensive resource for rum enthusiasts. A guide for those seeking the finest rums in the world.

Established by Robert Burr in 2005 as the Gifted Rums Guide, it quickly became the go-to resource for rum consumers and professionals around the world.

This publication offers guidance and serves as a reference to many of the finest brands on the market. You’ll find tasting notes and facts about each of these fine spirits.

Robs Rum Guide Online

This web site  — and printed rum guide  — contain an extensive list of more than 600 fine rums available to rum enthusiasts.

The editorial team at Robs Rum Guide is actively engaged in the discovery and understanding of rum products from more than 80 countries. Our goal is to share this valuable and insightful information with our readers. We wish to promote the further understanding of rum. We hope to foster appreciation and respect for the best rum producers.

The Renaissance of Rum

Savvy consumers are seeking out the finest products in each category, from each great region and from every style.

The best rums are enjoying a renaissance of greater appreciation and the shelves at liquor retailers. The selection at the finest bars continues to grow with famous brands from around the globe.

Rum events are growing, reflecting the upward trend by consumers in terms of their interest. The spirits trade continues presenting an expanding selection of fine rums to the market.

Rum is fun. And Rum People are fun people.

Depend on Robs Rum Guide for qualified information about rum.