A trio of rums from Florida — including Big 5 Gold Rum — seek to echo the spirit of rum’s classic era in Cuba’s high society of the 1940s and 1950s.

Modeled in the light bodied Cuban style of aged rums, Big 5 Gold Rum is a fine example of a modern spirit finished by craft distillers in artisan copper pot stills.

Echoes of a Storied Past

Big 5 Gold RumEl “Big Five” de La Habana, once the pinnacle of Cuban society’s top-rung elegant venues, included Vedado Tennis Club, the Miramar Yacht Club, the Biltmore Yacht and Country Club, the Havana Yacht Club and the Casino Español.

Big 5 Gold Rum’s branding evokes a wistful remembrance of this legendary time when sugar cane — and its signature golden elixir — ruled the agrarian economy and was deeply ingrained in the social traditions of the Caribbean’s largest island.

Tasting Notes

Big 5 Gold Rum is a light bodied spirit presenting subtle aromas of baking spices and citrus peel over the slightest hint of sweetness. On the palate, a faint echo of caramel and toffee leads to complex dry spicy notes before warmth builds at mid-palate. Lightly toasted oak dominates the medium dry finish.

Bottled at 40% abv the 750ml bottle of Big 5 Gold Rum sells for $19.

Big 5 Gold Rum received notable recognition from the International Rum Expert Panel (RumXP) judges at their annual rum tasting competition during the 2017 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

Marketed by Blue Ridge Spirits and Wine, Big 5 Rums are available throughout Florida at fine liquor stores and bars, as well as online retailers.

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