The New American Rum Revolution is upon us

The New American Rum Revolution is gaining more momentum as many new producers, distillers and brands of American Rum come online.

American Rum is on the rise. What is the best American rum?

The editors of Robs Rum Guide are currently tracking more than 180 producers of American Rum.

Here you will find:

  • American Rum Brands
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  • American Rum Distillers
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List of American Rum Distillers, Producers, Brands and Products

Currently 195 Producers in 40 States with 420 Products.

Sorted by state with links to websites and listing associated products.

American Rum – Alabama

Chaple Distillery LLC Alabama
Don Chaple Aguardiente
Don Chaple Dark Rum
John Emerald Distilling Co. Alabama
Gene’s Spiced Rum
Spurgeon’s Barrel Aged Rum

American Rum – Alaska

Ursa Major Distilling Alaska
Fairbanks Sourdough Rum

American Rum – Arizona

Desert Diamond Distillery Arizona
Gold Miner Agave Rum
Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum
Gold Miner Dark Rum
Gold Miner Rum
Thumb Butte Distillery Arizona
Thumb Butte Escalante Dark Rum

American Rum – Arkansas

Rock Town Distillery Arkansas
Rock Town Arkansas Barrel Aged Rum

American Rum – California

Ballast Point Spirits California
Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum
Three Sheets Spiced Rum
Three Sheets White Rum
California Spirits Company California
Innovo White Rum
Charbay Artisan Distillery & Winery California
Charbay Double Aged Rum
Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum
Cutwater Spirits California
Three Sheets Rum
Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum
Three Sheets Cask Strength Rum
Three Sheets Spiced Rum
Bali Hai Tiki Gold Rum
Desert Distilling California
Desert Distilling White Rum
Do Good Distillery California
Do Good 3 Mile Rum
Do Good White Rum
Essential Spirits Alambic Distilleries California
Sergeant Classick Gold
Sergeant Classick Silver
Greenbar Distillery
Crusoe Silver Rum
Crusoe Spiced Rum
Liberty Call Distilling California
San Diego County Spiced
San Diego County White
Lost Spirits Distillery California
Lost Spirits Colonial American Inspired Rum
Lost Spirits Cuban Inspired 151
Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum
Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Overproof
Malahat Spirits California
Malahat Black Tea Rum
Malahat Cabernet Barrel
Malahat Rum
Malahat Spiced
Malahat Ginger Rum
Old Harbor Distilling California
Barrelflag Navy Strength Rum
Stark Spirits California
Stark Spirits California Gold
Stark Spiriits California Silver
Stark Spiriits California Silver 151
St. George Spirits California
St. George California Agricole Rum
St. George California Reserve Agricole Rum
Sutherland Distilling Company California
Diablo’s Shadow California Gold Barrel Aged Rum
Diablo’s Shadow Navy Strength Barrel Aged Rum
Diablo’s Shadow Silver Rum
Tahoe Moonshine Distillery California
California Dreamin’
Jug Dealer Rum
Wright & Brown Distilling Company California
Wright & Brown Aged Rum
Wright & Brown Single Barrel Rum

American Rum – Colorado

808 Distillery Colorado
Red Canyon Rum
Red Canyon Spiced Rum
Dancing Pines Distillery Colorado
Dancing Pines Rum
Downslope Distilling Colorado
Downslope Gold Rum
Downslope Spiced Rum
Downslope Vanilla Rum
Downslope White Rum
Downslope Wine Barrel Aged Rum
Montanya Distillers Colorado
Montanya Exclusiva
Montanya Platino
Montanya Oro
Spirit Hound Distillers Colorado
Mountain Bum Silver Aged rum

American Rum – Delaware

Dogfish Head Distillery Delaware
Brown Honey Rum
Beach Time Distilling Delaware
Beach Fire Spiced Rum
Beach Gold Rum
Beach Nut Rum
Beach Plum Rum
Beach Time Rum

American Rum – Florida

Alligator Bay Distillers Florida
Alligator Bay Sun Gold Rum
Alligator Bay White Rum
Bahama Blue Spirits Florida
Bahama Blue Rum
Big Cypress Distillery Florida
Big Cypress Hell’s Bay Rum
Carmelita’s Rum Florida
Carmelita’s Dark Spiced Rum
Citrus Distillers Florida
Canes & Grains Citrus Rum
Copper Bottom Craft Distillers Florida
Copper Bottom Silver Rum
Cotherman Distilling Company Florida
Palmer’s Tropical Line of Rums
Drum Circle Distilling Florida
Siesta Key Beer Barrel Finish Spiced
Siesta Key Distiller’s Reserve Special
Siesta Key Gold
Siesta Key Silver
Siesta Key Spiced
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut
Fish Hawk Spirits Florida
Resurgence Black
Resurgence Gold
Resurgence Silver
Resurgence Spiced
Florida Cane Distillery Florida
El Encanto Amber
El Encanto Pineapple
El Encanto Silver
Florida Caribbean Distillers Florida
Black Robert’s Gold
Black Robert’s Silver
Black Robert’s Spiced
Florida Old Reserve Rum
Florida Rum Company Florida
Ziami Platinum
Ziami Ruby Rush
Florida Spirits Florida
Blue Marlin Silver Rum
Islamorada Distilling Florida
Islamorada Dark Barrel Aged
Islamorada Reserve
Islamorada Select Barrel Aged
Islamorada Spiced
James Two Brothers Distillers Florida
James Dark
James Spice
James White
Key West Distilling Florida
Rumbunctious Rum
Rumbunctious Gold Rum
Rumbunctious Max Overproof Rum
Key West Legal Rum Florida
105 Simonton Rum
Aged Key West Raw and Unfiltered Rum
Bad Bitch Rum Spanish Marie
Chef Distilled Real Key Lime
Chef Distilled Vanilla Brulee Dark
Chef Distilled Mojito Mint
Chef Distilled Glazed Pineapple
Chef Distilled Green Coconut
Duval Street Spiced Rum
Key West First Legal Rum
Key West Devil’s Rum
Key West Local Rum
List Distillers, LLC Florida
Mr. Tom’s Spirits White Rum
Mr. Tom’s Spirits Dark Rum
Mr. Tom’s Spirits Spiced Rum
Mr. Tom’s Spirits Coconut Rum
Mr. Tom’s Spirits Key Lime Pie Rum
Mr. Tom’s Spirits Apple Pie Rum
Lost Harbour Spirits
Lost Harbour Small Batch
Marlin & Barrel Florida
Bearing Light Rum
Bearing Amber Rum
Bearling 153 Overproof Rum
Bearing Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum
Bearing Pineapple Rum
Miami Club Rum Florida
Miami Club Rum
Njoy Spirits LLC Florida
Florida Mermaid Rum
Rollins Distillery Florida
The Krewe of Jean Lafitte Rum
St Augustine Distillery Florida
St. Augustine Pot Distilled Rum
St Petersburg Distillery Florida
Old St. Pete Righteous Rum & Spice
Oak & Palm Spiced Rum
Oak & Palm Coconut Rum
South Florida Distillers Florida
Fwaygo Handcrafted Rum
Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple
Fwaygo Single Barrel
Steel Tie Spirits Co. Florida
Black Coral
Black Coral Black
Black Coral Spiced
Sugar Sands Distillery Florida
Lake Placid
Lake Placid Aged
Tampa Bay Rum Company Florida
Gasparilla Spiced Rum
Gaspar’s Coconut Rum
Gaspar’s Silver Rum
Gaspar’s Scurvy Lime Rum
Gaspar’s Spiced Rum
Timber Creek Distillery Florida
Timber Creek Florida
Timber Creek Florida Apple Pie
Timber Creek Florida Barrel Aged
Timber Creek Florida Coffee
Treasure Coast Spirits, Inc. Florida
Code Cinnamon
Code Key Lime
Code Mango Tango
Code Spiced
Code Silver
Code Commodore’s Cut
Wicked Dolphin Distillery – Cape Spirits Florida
Wicked Dolphin Coconut
Wicked Dolphin Silver
Wicked Dolphin Spiced
Wicked Dolphin Sunken Barrel Limited Edition
Winter Park Distilling Co. Florida
Dog Island Rum
Dog Island Beer Barrel Aged Rum

American Rum – Georgia

Richland Distilling Company Georgia
Richland Rum – Single Estate Old Georgia Rum

American Rum – Hawaii

Koloa Rum Co. Hawaii
Koloa Coconut Rum
Koloa Dark Rum
Koloa Gold Rum
Koloa Kaui Coffee Rum
Koloa Spiced Rum
Koloa White Rum
Maui Distillers Hawaii
Old Lahaina Dark
Old Lahaina Gold
Old Lahaina Silver
Manulele Distillers Hawaii
Kō Hana Hawaiian Agricole Rum

American Rum – Illinois

CH Distillery Illinois
CH Rum (Unaged)
Copper Fiddle Distillery
Silver Rum Illinois
Gold Rum
Tailwinds Distilling Company Illinois
Taildragger Amber Rum
Taildragger Coffee Rum
Taildragger White Rum

American Rum – Iowa

Artisan Grain Distillery Iowa
Artisan Grain Silver Rum
Cedar Ridge Distillery Iowa
Cedar Ridge Dark Rum
Clearheart Old Cane Rum
Dehner Distillery Iowa
Havana Judge Cinnamon Rum
Havana Judge Spiced Rum
Havana Judge White Rum

American Rum – Kentucky

Wilderness Trace Distillery Kentucky
Harvest Rum

Second Sight Spirits


Second Sight Bourbon Barreled Rum

Second Sight Spiced Rum

Second Sight Unbarreled Rum

American Rum – Louisiana

Cane Land Distilling Company Louisiana
Cane Land Rhum Agricole
Parade Spiced
Parade Rum Argente
Red Stick Cinnamon
Celebration Distillation Co. Louisiana
Old New Orleans Rum
DPD – Donner-Peltier Distillers Louisiana
Rougaroux 13 Pennies
Rougaroux Full Moon Dark Rum
Rougaroux Sugarshine
Roulaison Rum Louisiana
American Herbal Rum Liqueur
Barrel Aged Reserve
Traditional Pot Still
Louisiana Spirits Louisiana
Bayou Satsuma Rum
Bayou Select Rum
Bayou Silver Rum
Bayou Spiced Rum
Roman Candy Rum Company Louisiana
Roman Candy Rum Chocolate Flavored
Roman Candy Rum Strawberry Flavored
Roman Candy Rum Vanilla Flavored

American Rum – Maine

Liquid Riot Bottling Co. Maine
Dow’s Demise Dark Rum
Rhum Blanc White Rum
New England Distilling Maine
Eight Bells Rum
Sebago Lake Distillery Maine
Original Rum
Spider Island Rum
KOPI (coffee flavored Rum)
Spirits of Maine Distillery Maine
Rusticator Rum
Sweetgrass Winery & Distillery Maine
Three Crow Rum
Wiggly Bridge Distillery Maine
Wiggly Bridge Small Barrel Rum
Wiggly Bridge White Rum

American Rum – Maryland

Blackwater Distilling Maryland
Picaroon American Cane
Lost Ark Distilling Company Maryland
Lady Anne White Rum
Terra Mariae Spiced Rum
Lyon Distilling Company Maryland
Lyon Dark Rum 90 proof
Lyon Overproof White Rum 126 proof
Lyon Sailors Reserve Rum 100 proof
Lyon White Rum 90 proof
MISCellaneous Distillery
Dew Point Rum
Popi’s Finest Rum
Risky Rum
Tobacco Barn Distillery Maryland
USS Constellation Rum
Big Z Rum
Flagship Rum
Dancing Bee Honey Rum

American Rum – Massachusetts

AstraLuna Brands Massachusetts
Cape Cod Great White Rum
Crook Jaw’s Cape Cod Rum
Liberty Tree Boston Rum
Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Inc. Massachusetts
Ragged Mountain Rum
Bully Boy Distillers Massachusetts
Bully Boy Distillers Boston Rum
Bully Boy Distillers White Rum
Deacon Giles Distillery Massachusetts
Decon Giles Liquid Damnation Rum
Dirty Water Distillery Massachusetts
What Knot Artisanal White
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Rum Massachusetts
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Dark Rum
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Silver Rum
Doc Brown’s Really Bad Spiced Rum
GrandTen Distilling Massachusetts
Medford New England Rum
Rare Bird Overproof Rum
Paradise Imports Massachusetts
Gubba Rum Gold
Gubba Rum Silver
Ryan & Wood Distilleries Massachusetts
Folly Cove Rum
Pirate Dog Brand Massachusetts
Rumson’s Rum
Rumson’s Spiced Rum
Rumson’s Coffee Rum
Rumson’s Grand Reserve Rum
Privateer International Massachusetts
Privateer Silver Reserve Rum
Privateer True American Rum
South Hollow Spirits Massachusetts
Twenty Boat Amber Rum
Twenty Boat Spiced Rum
Triple Eight Distillery Massachusetts
Hurricane Rum
Turkey Shore Distilleries Massachusetts
Old Ipswich Lab & Cask Reserve Rum
Old Ipswich White Cap
Old Ipswich Tavern Style Rum
Old Ipswich Greenhead Spiced Rum
Old Ipswich Golden Marsh Spiced Rum

American Rum – Michigan

Bier Distillery Michigan
Devil’s Message Rum
Devil’s Message Planked Rum
Coppercraft Distillery Michigan
Coopercraft Distillery Rum
Grand Traverse Distillery Michigan
Silver Reserve Rum
Dark Reserve Rum
Journeyman Distillery Michigan
Journeyman Road’s End Rum
Journeyman Road’s End Aged Rum
Mammoth Distilling Michigan
Wood Boat Rum
New Holland Artisan Spirits Michigan
Freshwater Michigan Amber Rum
Freshwater Superior Single Barrel Rum
Northern Latitudes Distillery Michigan
Manitou Passage Rum
Whaleback Spiced Rum
Rusted Crow Spirits Michigan
Davy Jones Rum
Ugly Dog Distillery
Ugly Dog Rum Michigan

American Rum – Minnesota

11 Wells Spirits Minnesota
Boiler Room Rum
Maelstrom Agricole Rhum

American Rum – Mississippi

Charboneau Distillery Mississippi
Charboneau White Rum

American Rum – Missouri

Copper Run Distillery Missouri
Copper Run Island Gold Rum
Copper Run Overproof White Rum
Copper Run Spiced Rum
Copper Run White rum
Nobletons Distilling House Missouri
Duckett Blue
Spirits of St. Louis Missouri
Island Time Amber Rum
Island Time Crystal Rum
StilL 630 Missouri
Expedition Rum

American Rum – Montana

Whistling Andy Distillers Montana
Whistling Andy Hibiscus Coconut Rum
Whistling Andy White Rum

American Rum – New Hampshire

Copper Cannon Distillery New Hampshire
Copper Cannon Handcrafted Aged Rum
Copper Cannon Handcrafted Clear Rum
Copper Cannon Handcrafted Maple Rum
Flag Hill Winery & Distillery New Hampshire
Flag Hill White Rum
Smoky Quartz Distillery New Hampshire
Granite Coast Rum

American Rum – New Jersey

CMY Distillery New Jersey
Cape May Distillery Beach Rum
Cape May Distillery Barrel Rum
Cooper River Distillers New Jersey
Petty’s Island Driftwood Dream Spiced Rum
Petty’s Island Rum
Petty’s Island Rye Oak Reserve Rum
Jersey Artisan Distilling New Jersey
Busted Barrel Silver Rum
Busted Barrel Dark Rum
Morena Rum
Jersey Spirits Distillery Co. New Jersey
Boardwalk Rum

American Rum – New York

Albany Distilling Company New York
Quackenbush Still House Albany Amber
Quackenbush Still House Original Albany
Cacao Prieto Distillery New York
Don Rafael Cacao Rum
Don Esteban Cacao Liqueur
Noble Experiment NYC New York
Owney’s Original NYC Rum
Still The 1 Distillery New York
Byram River Rum
Taconic Distillery New York
Rolling Hills Rum
Tuthilltown Spirits & Distillery New York
Rogen Rum
Van Brunt Stillhouse New York
Due North Rum
Yankee Distillers New York
Yankee Colonial White

American Rum – North Carolina

Broadslab Distillery North Carolina
Carolina Coast Silver
Carolina Coast Spiced
Muddy River Distillery North Carolina
Silver Carolina Rum
Queen Charlotte’s Reserve
Coconut Carolina Rum
Spiced Carolina Rum
Mother Earth Spirits North Carolina
Mother Earth Silver Rum
Outer Banks Distilling North Carolina
Kill Devil Rum
Kill Devil Rum with Pecans & Honey

American Rum – Ohio

451 Spirits Ohio
Writers Block Mint & Lime Flavored Rum
Flat Rock Spirits Ohio
Stillwrights Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum
Stillwrights Silver Rum
Stillwrights Spiced Rum
Portside Distillery Ohio
Portside Distillery Christmas Spirit Rum
Portside Distillery Hopped Rum
Portside Distillery Silver Rum
Portside Distillery Spiced Rum
Portside Distillery Vanilla Maple Rum

American Rum – Oregon

Bull Run Distilling Company Oregon
Pacific Rum
Cannon Beach Distillery Oregon
Dorymen’s Rum
Donlon Shanks Amber Rum
Distilling Head Oregon
Warship Rum
Eastside Distilling Oregon
Below Deck Coffee Rum
Below Deck Ginger Rum
Below Deck Silver Rum
Below Deck Spiced Rum
Edgefield Distillery Oregon
Three Rocks Rum
Three Rocks Spiced Rum
Glaser Estate Winery and Distillery Oregon
Glaser White Rum
House Spirits Distillery Oregon
House Spirits Katun Rum
New Deal Distillery Oregon
New Deal Distiller’s Cut Rum
Rogue Ales Oregon
Rouge Dark Rum
Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum
Stillwagon Distillery Oregon
Devil’s Own Black Spiced Rum
Devil’s Own Feijoa Rum
Devil’s Own Gold Rum
Devil’s Own Mocha Rum
Devil’s Own Pineapple Rum
Devil’s Own Spiced Rum
Devil’s Own White Rum
Devil’s Own Wicked Rum

American Rum – Pennsylvania

Allegheny Distilling Pennsylvania
Airline Overproof Rum
Queen’s Share Double Oak Cask
Queen’s Share Rye Cask
Queen’s Share Unaged
Single Barrel Rum
Maggie’s Farm Spiced Rum
Maggie’s Farm White Rum
Maggie’s Farm 50/50 Dark
Maggies Farm 50/50 Pineapple
Maggie’s Farm Coffee Liqueur
Maggie’s Farm Falernum
M.F.O.F Rum Old Fashioned
Barrel 21 Distillery Pennsylvania
Light Rum
Spiced Rum
Big Spring Spirits Pennsylvania
Big Spring Coconut Rum
Big Spring Rum
Big Spring Spiced Rum
Bluebird Distilling Pennsylvania
Sugarcane Rum
Boardroom Spirits Pennsylvania
Boardroom Rum
County Seat Spirits Pennsylvania
Sand Island Rum
DJ Spirits Pennsylvania
6 Rum
Eight Oaks Craft Distillers Pennsylvania
Eight Oaks Colonial Rum
Hidden Still Spirits Pennsylvania
Union Canal Rum
Hidden Still Spiced Rum
Manatawny Still Works Pennsylvania
Manatawny Still Works T. Rutter Rum
Manatawny Still Works Small Batch Aged Rum
Old Republic Distillery Pennsylvania
Golden Plough Tavern Dark Rum 100 proof
Old Republic Rum 80 proof
Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries Pennsylvania
BLY Silver
BLY Silver 105 Proof
Ridge Runner Distillery Pennsylvania
Ridge Runner Rum
Rowhouse Spirits LLC Pennsylvania
Rowhouse Spirits Demon Rum
Browne Baker Rum
Social Still Pennsylvania
Social Still Rum
Social Still Aged Spiced Rum
Triple Sun Spirits Company Pennsylvania
Triple Sun Spirits Co. White Rum
Triple Sun Spirits Co. Gold Rum
Triple Sun Spirits Co. Dark Rum

American Rum – Rhode Island

Newport Distilling Co. Rhode Island
Thomas Tew Single Barrel
Thomas Tew Widows Walk

American Rum – South Carolina

Daufuskie Island Rum Company South Carolina
Daufuskie Island Rum Silver Edition
Daufuskie Island Fuskie Fire
Daufuskie Island Gold Edition
Daufuskie Island Gold Reserve
Daufuskie Island Spiced Rum
Daufuskie Island Vanilla Rum
Gorget Distilling Co South Carolina
Gorget Silver Rum
High Wire Distilling Co. South Carolina
High Wire Distilling Belonger’s Rum
High Wire Distilling Lowcountry Agricole
High Wire Distilling Silver Rum
Rational Spirits South Carolina
Santeria Rum
Striped Pig Distillery South Carolina
Striped Rum

American Rum – Tennessee

Doc Collier Distillery Tennessee
Doc Collier Rum
Old Forge Distillery Tennessee
Old Forge Rum
Prichard’s Distillery Tennessee
Prichard’s Cranberry Rum
Prichard’s Crystal Rum
Prichard’s Fine Rum
Prichard’s Key Lime Rum
Prichard’s Peach Mango Rum
Prichard’s Private Stock Rum
Prichard’s Spiced Rum

American Rum – Texas

Balcones Distilling Texas
Balcones Texas Rum
Cypress Creek Reserve Texas
Cypress Creek Reserve Crystal Rum
Cypress Creek Reserve Vanilla Rum
Grateful Dane Distilling Texas
Texas Silver
Texas Gold
Kiepersol Enterprises Texas
Pierre’s Texas Rum
Railean Distillers Texas
Railean Reserve XO
Railean Small Cask
Railean Spiced Rum
Railean White Rum
San Antonio Distillery Texas
Immortal 32 Gonzales
Spirit of Texas Texas
Spirit of Texas Straight Silver Rum
Spirit of Texas Pecan Street Rum
Treaty Oak Distilling Co. Texas
Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum
Treaty Oak Platinum Rum
Whiskey Hollow Texas
Double Thumper Silver
Texas 151
Wild Horse Distillery Texas
Texas Gold Rum
White Rum
Texas Aged Rum

American Rum – Utah

Dented Brick Distillery Utah
Antelope Island White Rum
Distillery 36 Utah
Spiced Brigham
Sugar House Distillery Utah
Sugar House Gold Rum
Sugar House Silver Rum

American Rum – Vermont

Appalachian Gap Distillery Vermont
Mosquito Fleet Rum
Duncan’s Idea Mill Vermont
Dunc’s Mill Backwoods Reserve Rum
Dunc’s Mill Elderflower Rum
Dunc’s Mill Maple Rum
Dunc’s Mill Vermont Rum
Mad River Distillers Vermont
Mad River First Run Rum
Mad River Maple Cask Rum
Mad River Vanilla Rum

American Rum – Virginia

Mt. Defiance Cidery & Distillery Virginia
Mt. Defiance White Rum
Mt. Defiance Amber Rum
Mt. Defiance Dark Rum
Williamsburg Distillery Virginia
Yorktown Silver Rum
Vitae Spirits Distillery Virginia
Vitae Platinum Rum
Vitae Gold Rum

American Rum – Washington

3 Howls Distillery Washington State
3 Howls Gold Label Rum
3 Howls Spiced Rum
Dominion Distillery Washington State
Singers Bay White Rum
Skip Rock Distillers Washington State
Belle Rose Amber Rum
Belle Rose Double Barrel Rum
Belle Rose Rum
Puget Sound Rum Company Washington State
Rum 47 Amber
Rum 47 White
C&C Comb and Cane Honey Flavored Rum
Sun Liquor Distillery Washington State
Sun Rum Barrel Aged
Sun Rum Silver

American Rum – West Virginia

Forks of Cheat Distillery West Virginia
Ridge Runner White Rum
Ridge Runner Amber Rum

American Rum – Wisconsin

Great Lakes Distillery Wisconsin
Roaring Dan’s Rum
Great Northern Distilling Wisconsin
Great Northern Opportunity Rum

American Rum – Wyoming

Backwards Distilling Co. Wyoming
Sword Swallower Rum