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The Rum Team

The dedicated editorial staff of Robs Rum Guide — The Rum Team — devote considerable resources to staying abreast of new developments in the world of rum.

Robert A. Burr is an adventurer who enjoys a passion for rum, food and drink, scuba diving and travel. Rob has a life-long career in classic and new media technologies that allows him to share his discoveries with others via traditional print publications and leading edge social media channels.

The Rum Team -- The Robs of Robs Rum Guide

Rob V. Robin and Robert A. Burr

Along with his wife Robin and son Robert — the Rum Team  — he publishes Rob’s Rum Guide with tasting notes on hundreds of fine rums, updated every year.

Robert is also the leader of the International Rum Expert Panel.

The Burrs host the annual Rum Renaissance Festival, the world’s largest gathering of rum experts and enthusiasts in South Florida.

In the Fall season, they host the annual Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise.

Their Rum Minute YouTube Channel features succinct, insightful reviews of select rums.

The Rum Team is based in Miami, Florida. To contact the Rum Team, visit our contact page.

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Robs Rum Guide is the heart of many fine projects by The Rum Team that seek to promote a greater understanding of rum.


  1. Susan Fleming

    Wow! Love this Rum Guide and extensive info.! Thanks!
    I’ve been the Caymans and Cuba and both produce wonderful rums, although not exported. Maybe you could go on a ‘field trip’? 🙂

    • Robert Burr

      We try to visit all the distilleries. Rum travel is fun travel. Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. All I Need Is Rum

    So thrilled to have met you and your wife! I can’t wait to learn more from you and your fellow rum drinkers. We truly are more fun:D

    • Robert Burr

      It’s a pleasure to meet a fellow rum enthusiast. Rum is fun, and rum people are fun people. Hope to see you again soon. Sign up for my rum email news.

  3. tim majoros

    met you and some others in nov at the rum factory in st maarten 🙂

  4. Romprovning Göteborg

    Very nice guide to Rom, I am running a rum tasting group in Gothenburg Sweden and we are all eager to learn new things and trends…

    • Robert Burr

      Enjoy the adventure and the discover of fine rums.

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