Serial entrepreneur Richard Davies had a dream of creating a fine quality rum based on the legend of Neptune, Roman God of the Sea. He achieved success with Neptune Three Year Aged Gold Barbados Rum.

Having been involved in owning bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Cirencester — a market town northwest of London — for many years,  Richard was looking for an alternative to rums he was serving from large brands that had strayed from their origins.

The Search For Neptune Rum

His quest for a legitimate spirit led him to a legacy source of Caribbean rums in Amsterdam. Richard chose a sample from Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, a country who’s flag features a Trident of Neptune on a sea-blue background.

Neptune Three Year Aged Gold Barbados Rum

From Foursquare Distillery, Neptune Three Year Aged Gold Barbados Rum presents authentic column and pot still spirits aged in toasted oak.

Once Richard succeeded in finding a spirit that was authentic, delicious and affordable, he began the process of developing a brand identity that could remain true to the concept.

Indeed, this Neptune Three Year Aged Gold Barbados Rum hearkens to a time when sailors greatly valued similar casks of rum from the pot stills of Barbados.

Members of the International Rum Expert Panel at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival were among the first to sample the product while still in the development stage. Their positive feedback encouraged Richard to redouble his efforts to bring the product to the United States.

Tasting notes

This pale golden rum presents surprisingly robust aromas of butter and wood with a hint of dry vanilla before funky fruit. On the palate, a suggestion of toffee quickly dries out while tannins of wood, tanned leather and toasted banana bread lead to a warm glow in the mid-palate. Lightly charred oak lingers in the medium long finish.

The limited edition first run of Neptune Three Year Aged Gold Barbados Rum features a dramatic label with a gold embossed image of Neptune and a wooden ship sailing atop a stormy sea.

This delightful expression is bottled at 40% abv. The 750ml bottle sells for about $29.

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