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Gubba Gold Rum from Colorado

Gubba Gold artisanal American rum is made with natural organic vanilla, delivering a smooth and flavorful spirit.

This rum is produced, blended and bottled in small batches at a craft distillery in Denver, Colorado. The process begins with organic evaporated cane fermented in stainless steel.

The fermented wash is double distilled, first in a classic Alembic copper pot before a second distillation in a copper column hybrid with 20 plates.

Gubba Gold Rum from ColoradoAfter distillation, the base rum is blended with an infusion of whole organic vanilla beans in high proof rum, then diluted with Colorado Rocky Mountain snow melt water to bottling proof.

The result is a delicious, unpretentious artisanal rum, finished with a touch of sweetness that makes it quite smooth on the palate.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of light creamy vanilla wafer appear before a hint of pepper. On the palate, subtle caramel and vanilla bean leads to soft creamy vanilla sandwich cookie at mid-palate with hints of butter. The finish is soft and light with lingering echoes of sweet shortbread and soft vanilla.

Wicked Smooth

Gubba Gold Rum was designed to be enjoyed on the rocks, but also provides a wonderful tropical base for cocktails. The brand likes to describe this golden colored, lightly flavored rum as being “wicked smooth,” a descriptor that’s entirely fitting.

The 750ml bottle of Gubba Gold Rum, at 35% abv, sells for about $22.

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  1. Rebecca Nash

    So good ! I’m not a big drinker … but this is smooth and enjoyable !

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