Attention rum consumers, collectors and fanatics: mark your calendars for Thursday, May 17 in Fort Lauderdale to experience the Great Rum Challenge interactive tasting seminar. It’s a wonderful and enlightening experience for those that know their rums — and for those that want to learn more about the best rums available from these Caribbean countries.

The Great Rum Challenge - many styles of rum are produced around the world

can you discern the aromas and subtle qualities of fine aged rums?

Starting at 7pm at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Resort, your rum host presents a number of outstanding rums from the Caribbean with expert advice and commentary on the various styles, methods and variations.

Seven exceptional rums will be presented with insight into the production, aging and blending of each expression.

The Nose Knows

Participants in The Great Rum Challenge are invited to discern the aromas and flavor profiles of the various rums from different countries, created in various styles, looking for unique characteristics and differentiators which define their styles.

During the blind tasting session, attendees try to match each rum sample with its corresponding product on display.

Rum Jury Judges and Awards

The Rum JuryThose who are among the most accurate tasters in the event, could be invited to join the Rum Jury as a judge at the upcoming Rum Renaissance Festival.

Members of the Rum Jury are sequestered for two sessions on Friday, June 8, 2018 for expert conducted blind tastings. The results are analyzed and calculated by seasoned statisticians.

The Rum Jury’s tasting session results will be presented as the 2018 Rum Jury Awards at the festival.

Rum Challenge Limited Availability

This unique Great Rum Challenge tasting experience includes the rum seminar, hosted tasting sessions and samples of all the rums.

Space is limited. Reserve early. For a limited time, use the following promotional code to get a special 2-for-1 admission: GRC18A241

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