Richland Single Estate rum is certainly unique. From growing their own cane in Richland, Georgia, to reducing their fresh cane juice to syrup on the premises, implementing a unique fermentation and distillation process, and finally, aging their distillate in new oak barrels, the Richland Distilling Company produces an authentic, plantation style cane spirit from field to bottle.

Richland Single Estate - Attention to every detail of production -- from growing the cane, gentle pot distillation, and aging in new white oak barrels -- gives hand-made Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Rum a bold flavor profile reminiscent of fine Bourbon.

Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Rum is hand-crafted by Erick Vonk in Richland, Georgia.

Erik Vonk is a passionate and dedicated rum producer that goes to great lengths to control all aspects of his production process. Selecting only the most hearty varieties of cane grown on his property, harvesting with great care and crushing fresh juice, he takes a holistic approach to rum production nearly abandoned in the present day. Reducing his cane juice to a delightfully rich honey-like consistency — a superb example of southern artisanal cane syrup — provides a stable and full flavored base for his careful fermentation.

The pot still offers a gentle, rustic distillation that helps retain much of the cane flavor throughout the process, resulting in a fine, cane-forward distillate. The use of small white oak barrels for maturation lends a bourbon-like quality to the rum as it ages, taking on rich wood notes almost immediately.

Within 18 months, the spirit is turning a warm golden color and developing complex flavors. By 36 months, it’s nearly ready to bottle, close to peaking in its interaction with the oak casks.

Richland Single Estate Tasting Notes

On the nose, we find big bourbon oak. Charred and toasted wood dominates with subtle aromas of butter, cherry/apricot dried fruit spice cake, vegetal cane notes and a hint of Chardonnay. On the palate, bold and rich bourbon style notes lead to a building heat before echoes of Irish Whiskey and more wood carry into the mid-palate leading to buttery fruit cake and a fading hint of agricole in the long finish.

Richland Single Estate rum is rich. Bottled at 43%, it’s a bold statement of careful and deliberate production values, pride and craftsmanship. This is hand-made rum.

The 750ml bottle of Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Rum sells for $55.00.

Visit the distillery in Richland, Georgia to meet Eric Vonk and experience this authentic Richland Single Estate rickAmerican spirit first-hand.

333 East Broad Street
Richland, GA 31825-6109