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Cashcane Saloon Cask blended aged rum

Bottled at 55% abv, Cashcane Saloon Cask aged rum is a blend of molasses-based spirits from Barbados, Trinidad and Panama, aged for six to eight years.

Each of the components lends a unique character to the blend, and the slightly elevated proof presents a bold expression reminiscent of cask strength American Bourbon. A small sip delivers big flavor.

Cashcane Saloon Cask Tasting Notes

Cashcane Saloon Cask blended aged rumMild aromas of butter cookie and vanilla lead to toasted oak and some spices. On the palate, pencil shavings and vanilla, toasted oak and some subtle sweetness precede a slightly bitter cocoa that balances well. Ripe butter and cedar linger in the finish.

In a tumbler with good ice, Cashcane Saloon Cask is a fine sipper. In classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan, it plays through well with potent, well balanced rum flavor that compliments the other ingredients.

Cashcane Saloon Cask blended aged rum in the 750ml bottle sells for about $49.


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AfroHead Caribbean rums launch in Florida

Currently available in the Bahamas, the Harbour Island Rum Company today announced the Florida launch of its AfroHead 7 year old aged dark rum, as well as an XO 15 year old premium rum.

AfroHead, aged rum, Harbour Island, Bahamas

AfroHead’s premium aged rums, produced by Harbour Island Rum Company of the Bahamas, are now available in Florida.

Produced from high quality Dominican molasses and fermented with Trinidadian yeast, the rums are distilled and aged in used bourbon barrels in Trinidad. Master Blender Toby Tyler creates the final expressions which are then bottled in Barbados.

Originally created by proprietor Joe Farrell at The Landing Guest House and Restaurant in Harbour Island, the rum began as a house brand at this well known Bahamian restaurant and intimate boutique hotel. On the label, he used a simple graphic he had designed for the restaurant’s house wine — a stylized image that paid tribute to the island’s culture, Bahamian women and the first Miss Bahamas from 1963.

Over the years, locals and visitors from around the world came to Harbour Island to enjoy the rum with the “afrohead” on it, and so AfroHead Premium Aged Dark Rum earned its moniker.

Today, the bottle’s new powerful icon continues to pay tribute to its original inspiration by incorporating six symbols representing the rum’s rich West Indies culture. The Crown, Junkanoo, Mind’s Eye, Rising Sun, Creation and Sea Shell are all subliminally hidden within the icon bringing genuine meaning to its stunning beauty.

Artfully crafted with a smooth finish, the 7-year blend ($34.95) can be appreciated in mixed drinks, neat or on ice. The 15-year XO ($59.95) deserves the respect of being enjoyed straight up.

Vintage Liquor announced it has the AfroHead rums in stock at their Florida locations.

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