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Pusser’s Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum

The legendary Pusser’s rum brand presents a new expression in the U.S. market — Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum, aged in used Bourbon barrels. This rich and robust blend of rums from Guyana is bottled at full cask strength — 75.5% ABV.

Pusser's Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum

Aged a minimum of three years and chill filtered, the Select Aged 151 formula closely reflects the Admiralty’s regulations for official navy issue rum rations prior to 1970.

Pusser's Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum

Pusser’s Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum debuts in the U.S. market

The rum faithfully evokes the spirit of camaraderie of bygone days when wooden ships sailed the seven seas in the heyday of the British Empire. At full strength, it brings both robust flavor and bold strength to cocktails, an indispensable component for many a tropical libation.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of treacle and stone fruit compote are complimented by notes of dark cane syrup, marzipan, butter, black banana, spices and tobacco. On the palate, a small sip reveals the classic richness of an old wooden pot still from Demerara region, boldly delivering brown butter, intense dark fruit, tanned leather, earthiness and raisin over old oak. The finish is devine with long echoes of warm treacle and wood.

In addition to a fine component in cocktails, Pusser’s Select Aged 151 Overproof makes a first-rate dark rum floater on tall cocktails, providing an appealing dark crown that signifies an intrepidly authentic navy strength accent.

The Pusser’s Rum Legacy

Re-creating the legendary naval blend of rich dark rums for the modern era was a distinct challenge for the founders of Pusser’s Rum, and we find their blends succeed at expressing critical aspects of rum’s storied history.

The Pusser’s name represents a mutated slang pronunciation of the world purser — the officer onboard principally responsible for handling money and valuable cargo onboard, including the issue of the daily rum ration.

Pusser’s Rum Limited is a British Virgin Island Company with administrative offices in Charleston, South Carolina. Its products are imported into the United States by Shaw-Ross International Importers.

Pusser’s Select Aged 151 Overproof Rum, in the 750ml bottle sells for about $39.

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Lost Spirits Cuban Style Rum from California

Master Distiller Bryan Davis presents a richly flavorful and delightful expression — Lost Spirits Cuban Style Overproof Rum — suggesting the Cuban tradition of yesteryear.

Lost Spirits Cuban Style Overproof Rum by Bryan Davis

From Master Distiller Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits near Monterey, California, the new Cuban Style 151 overproof rum delivers a complex and delightful palate of flavors lead by butterscotch and vanilla notes.

Using Grade A confection quality molasses, this spirit features banana added to the yeast starter for enhanced nitrogen content during fermentation. A relatively short fermentation period at cooler temperatures delivers more subtlety during this initial process than Lost Spirits’ rich and robust Navy Style Rum.

The distillation method isolates the desired cut with high rectification to separate the more robust flavors often found in the tails. Toasted American Oak barrels impart a mild enhancement without overwhelming the subtle flavor profile. The master distiller’s goal was to keep this 151 proof rum quite sippable and smooth in spite of the high alcohol content.

Tasting Notes

Initial aromas of pound cake, rich butter and hard candy lead to warm cinnamon, vanilla bean and dry dates with an earthy vegetal note before big cedar and white oak. On the palate, a small sip is big in the mouth but not hot, revealing butterscotch, fresh bread dough and vanilla wafer with molasses glaze. The complex flavor profile evolves into pepper and grassy cane before finishing with tobacco and a hint of cassia bark well into the pleasant dry finish.

Once again, Lost Spirits Distillery delivers a very interesting rum expression that challenges the norm, arousing the interest of rum enthusiasts and challenging the notion that old aged rums are always the most intriguing examples within the wide category of rum.


Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum and Polynesian Inspired Rum have recently been recognized with awards of outstanding achievement. At the 2014 RumXP International Tasting Competition held during the 2014 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami, the Navy Style Rum won a Best In Class Award and gained a lot of attention around the globe.

This 75.5 abv overproof spirit sells for $37 and is available in limited areas of distribution.

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