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Selvarey Owner’s Reserve aged rum from Panama

From the central regions of Panama — via Hollywood, California — here is a limited edition aged rum worthy of its title: Selvarey Owner’s Reserve.

The name Selva Rey is based on the Spanish translation of Jungle King. This fine aged owner’s reserve edition was conceived and developed by international super-star performer Bruno Mars, in collaboration with legendary master distiller and blender “Don Pancho” Fernandez — a king of rum in his own right.

Selvarey Owner's Reserve aged rum from Panama

Selvarey Owner’s Reserve aged rum was created by famed master blender “Don Pancho” Fernandez in Panama under the direction of international super-star Bruno Mars.

It’s obvious this product is meant to impress rum aficionados and collectors, as well as anyone who appreciates luxury spirts, with a decidedly sophisticated approach and elegant presentation.

Sustainability Issues

The distillery at Las Cabras makes a point of sustainable practices, using the disposed crushed cane to operate their steam boiler, driving a centrifugue that generates about seven megawatts, so the distillery runs on its own clean energy. Waste from the distillation process is used to fertilize the cane fields. They sow, cultivate and harvest their own sugar cane, controlling all aspects of the process.

Production Notes

Selvarey Owner’s Reserve is created by Don Pancho in Panama using his antique copper column stills. After aging in used American Oak Bourbon and Whiskey casks — using wood management techniques developed over decades in Cuba — the most outstanding marques for this owner’s reserve are masterfully selected and blended for near-perfect balance.

The resulting fine rum is bottled in limited edition for this special owner’s reserve release in a stunning package designed by Bruno Mars, featuring a tall statuesque elegant bottle enclosed in an artful box that faithfully reflects the unique nature and quality of the product.

Tasting Notes

Initial aromas of rich toasted oak, smokey honey, dark fruit and cocoa nibs are followed by suggestions of creamy vanilla and bread pudding. On the palate, a smooth entry of rich caramel, raisin and prune leads to treacle, hazelnut and vanilla custard with baking spices and toffee, before hints of old oak tannins and a bitter cacao note adds balance. The very long luxurious finish echoes the notes of charred oak, caramel, vanilla bean and cocoa.

Bruno Mars - Selvarey Owner's Reserve aged rum from Panama

Bruno Mars proudly presents his Selvarey Owner’s Reserve aged rum from Panama

Selvarey Owner’s Reserve is an exquisite example of the best of Panama’s rum, available in limited supply at select retailers in the USA as well as several online sources. It’s best enjoyed neat or with just a single cube of clear ice in a generous tumbler or proper tasting glass.

The 750ml bottle of SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve, bottled at 40% abv, sells for about $150.

Selvarey Rum web site

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SelvaRey rum expands distribution

From the wilds of Panama, SelvaRey (King of the Jungle) rum is flexing it’s distribution muscle as this award-winning brand today announced its expansion into new territories across the USA.

SelvaRey rum expands - The King of the Jungle of Panamanian rums, Bruno Mars' SelvaRey brand has announced greatly expanded distribution across the United States.

The company announced expanded distribution of his acclaimed SelvaRey Rums, including the aged white rum and cacao flavored rum made by Don Pancho in Panama.

Both the aged white rum and the delicious cacao flavored spirit drew critical acclaim from rum experts, reviewers and the public at the Miami Rum Fest and Trade Expo last year.

Initially distributed in California and Nevada, SelvaRey has grown its network of distributors to include Southern Wine and Spirits in Florida, Hawaii and South Carolina; Savannah Distributing in Georgia; Fedway Associates in New Jersey; Empire Merchants in New York; Lipman Brothers in Tennessee; and Washington Wholesale in the nation’s capital. Availability in Ontario, Canada is scheduled for the fall season.

Selvarey White Rum offers a medium viscosity, suggesting it’s been well aged (up to five years) and filtered to remove most of the color. The nose reveals subtle hints of vanilla and mineral water with soft sweetness, buttered toast and a touch of fresh cane. The palate finds a delicate balance of grassy cane, vanilla and spices leading to a medium dry finish. At 80 proof, this is an exceptional white rum for fine cocktails and plays well as a sipper. SelvaRey’s aged white rum was a 2015 Double Gold Medal Winner and named best white rum by

The cacao rum is a well-crafted five year old Bourbon cask blend, one of the few flavored rums that drinks like a sipping rum. On the rocks, Selvarey Cacao rum opens up with accentuated tones of creamy vanilla and toasted oak under semi-sweet chocolate. SelvaRey Cacao rum won the 2014 Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York City and the Gold Medal at the 2014 Miami RumFest.

In addition, the rums were rated 94 and 95 respectively by The Tasting Panel Magazine, the highest ratings ever in their categories in the magazine’s history.

Selvarey rums are created by Master Distiller Don Pancho Fernandez in Panama using his antique copper stills. The rums are bottled and imported by Pacific Plate Spirits of California. The suggested list price of the white rum is $24.99 for the 750ml bottle; $28.99 for the cacao.

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