Almost in a class by themselves, the rums of Dzama (pronounced zama) of Madagascar are influenced by their unique terroir, production methods and philosophy. Among the most interesting is the Dzama Nosy-Be Amber 104, a delightful expression that combines a higher proof (52% abv) with an amazing smoothness that faithfully reflects the cane fields of Nosy-Be, a tiny island of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa.

The rum is distilled with local molasses. The area’s rich volcanic soil produces hearty strains of sugar cane, rich in minerals and high in sugar content.

From the tiny island of Nosy-Be in Madagascar, this 104 proof amber rum reflectes the unique terroir of it's origin.

Dzama Nosy-Be Amber 104 is a fine aged rum from Madagascar, offering a delightful balance of rich flavor and smooth mouthfeel.

The area also has a reputation for the delightful scents that fill the air from the world renowned Madagascar vanilla, as well as Ylang-Ylang, citrus, clove and wild pepper. These aromas infuse echoes of these lovely fragrances into the spirit.

Dzama Nosy-Be Amber 104 is distilled in column stills and rested four years in oak from the Chivas Brothers Distillery. This expression won a gold award in the 2012 International Rum Expert Panel tasting competition.

With a potent proof of 104, the nose starts with subtle tones of sweet vegetal cane, fresh cut vegetables, flowers, short bread cookies and pepper, while the palate suggests sweet butter cream, cane, vanilla and old oak, leading to bright pepper before a long, slightly sweet and warm lingering finish.

Dzama Rhum was developed by Lucien Fohine. His son Franck, with an extensive education in viticulture and oenology, as well as fermentation and distillation, continues the family traditions by maintaining the highest quality standards with each of their unique rum expressions.

Dzama dominates 60% of the spirits market on the island of Madagascar. The brand name is derived from the city of Dzamandzar.

Dzama rums are imported in the USA by Vizcaya Wine Imports. The 750ml bottle of Nosy-Be Amber 104 sells for $49.95.