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Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur from Louisiana

A unique variety of orange is the key ingredient for this delicious flavored rum made by Louisiana Spirits. Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur is a craft spirit made from locally sourced Satsuma tangerines with barrel aged rum made from local sugar cane.

While there are numerous orange liqueurs available, this vibrant citrus spirit based on the delicate Satsuma delivers a delightful flavor profile that stands above the crowd and makes a great substitute for a traditional Orange Curaçao liqueur.

Authentic flavors of bright tangerine and smooth orange sorbet dominate Louisiana Spirits' Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur.

Produced by Louisiana Spirits, Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur offers delightful tones of bright tangerine and orange sorbet; a fine flavored rum made of local ingredients.

“Citrus unshiu” is a unique variety of tangerine from Japan, sometimes referred to as the Cold Hardy Mandarin or Christmas Orange for its ability to thrive in temperate climates. The first Satsuma citrus trees in the Americas were planted by Jesuits in the 18th century at their plantation upriver from New Orleans.

As a testament to the popularity of this fruit with growers, there are towns named Satsuma located in Alabama, Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

Alluring aromas of tangerine slice candy and orange peel dominate the nose. On the palate, the taste is true to the fruit with bright tones of orange sorbet and tangerine peel over a bit of creamy vanilla.

Trey Litel is the president of Louisiana Spirits, LLC. “Biting into a freshly peeled Louisiana Satsuma is hard to beat. The complex, sweet citrus flavor and vibrant color combine with the smooth flavor of our barrel aged Bayou Select Rum to create a taste like no other.”

The exact production method, recipe, and sources from the Satsuma liqueur remain a company secret.

Bayou rums are hand-crafted from local Louisiana sugar cane at the distillery in Lacassine, Louisiana. Distribution is growing significantly in 2016 courtesy of a distribution agreement with Stoli USA.

This list price of a 750ml bottle of Bayou Satsuma Rum Liqueur is $21.95.


  1. Jeanette roy

    Can one order this to be delivered to Canada?

    • Robert Burr

      Check with the producer in Louisiana. Send an email to:
      Trey Litel, trey at

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