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Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple flavored rum from Florida

South Florida Distillers, makers of the award-winning Fwaygo Rum, have recently released a unique limited edition expression based on grilled pineapple: Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple Rum.

The small distillery is located close to the largest tropical fruit farms in the United States. Their repeated experiments with pomiculture products lead to the development of this new variation.

Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple - Delicious notes of caramelized pineapple over a well-crafted rum base deliver delightful tropical tones in Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple Flavored Rum.

South Florida Distillers presents their limited edition Fwaygo grilled pineapple flavored rum, made in small batches on a craft still.

Master Distiller Joe Durkin’s passion for produce is notable. “I searched forever to find locally grown — and most importantly — ripened on the plant pineapples. I sliced them and dusted in cinnamon and sugar so the pineapple didn’t dehydrate on the grill. I grilled them to get a nice caramelization and char.”

Joe soaked the grilled pineapples in overproof for three months. He also soaked the skins in overproof distillate, then redistilled the infusion to pull out more fresh pineapple flavor. Finally, it was strained and blended with double barreled rum to get some woody spicy notes and a little more smoke.

The result is delicious. Bright aromas of cane are complimented by the caramelized pineapple notes over a hint of cinnamon apple pie and charred wood. On the palate, the fresh pot still rum makes a fine base for the tropical fruit notes, well balanced with a hint of butter and spice before the medium dry finish slowly fades.

Fwaygo Grilled Pineapple Rum is available in limited supply at South Florida Distillers for $49.95.

Among Joe’s current works in progress is a dark overproof rum and a beer barrel spiced expression. The distillery’s YouTube channel with their 50 Days of Fwaygo episodes has garnered a fair amount of attention among rum enthusiasts. #50DaysOfFwaygo

To be notified of new releases from Fwaygo Rum, visit their web site and Facebook page.



  1. Dan

    Do you prefer this to the Plantation stinging fancy pineapple? As much as I’d like to love the local rum more, I think I prefer the Plantation.

    • robsrumguide

      They’re both quite different, and at the same time, far from the common flavors added to rum since each is a much more complicated process than simply adding flavor to white rum. The grilled notes set the Fwaygo apart and compliment their fresh cane rum, but there is no doubt the well aged rum base and old school technique makes the Plantation Reverend Stiggin’s Fancy rum a truly amazing product. We’re living in a wonderful era for rum.

      • Dan

        Agreed. Let me ask you another question. I’ll be in Grand Cayman this weekend. Anything worth picking up there that I can’t easily get in the US? Thanks.

  2. robsrumguide

    Seven Fathoms is interesting, and the one that really gets a laugh: Big Black Dick.

    • Dan

      Thanks. I’ve had the later before. Might have to pick up a bottle just to have it on the shelf for show.

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