Amrut Distilleries of Bangalore, India is the producer of many fine spirits, including two distinct rums — Two Indies Rum and Old Port Rum.

Two Indies Rum – a Unique Blend of East and West

Two Indies takes it name from the fact that it’s a combination of rums from the East Indies and West Indies, delivering an interesting fusion of characteristics to the blend.

Two Indies and Old Port rums from India

Two Indies Rum is a blend of East Indian and West Indian rums produced by Amrut Distilleries of Bangalore, India. They also produce Old Port Rum.

The Indian rum is made from Jaggery, a traditional solidified reduction of cane juice popularly used to make candy across the sub-continent regions of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The spirit is distilled using a seven plate column, then aged for three years in oak barrels, producing an aromatic sweet rum.

The authentic Caribbean spirits from Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana are distilled in pot or double retort stills producing very robust, high-ester spirits. These tropical aged rums are sent to India for the final blend.

The result is a balance of the delicate and aromatic East with the robust and full flavored West. Amrut’s stated goal is to bring the two historic cultures of India and Caribbean together and reflect upon their rich ancestral heritage.

Tasting Notes

With Two Indies Rum, initial aromas of butter and an earthy nuttiness lead to subtleties of apple and grape, then charred wood and pineapple, with a funky treacle and caramel note. On the palate, a big funky fruit basket of tropical delights evolves rapidly toward shortbread cookie before hints of apple-cinnamon, black tea and very ripe butter lead to a slightly dry finish.

Old Port Rum – Traditional Indian Spirit

Old Port is produced in a modern tall column still. This a traditional Indian rum is made from molasses and blended with spices and natural caramel to create a profile that represents the most popular style sold in India. A small portion of well aged rum is blended to give the spirit more complexity.

Tasting Notes

The intense vermilion color of Old Port reflects the flavored spices used in the blend. Aromas of light ethanol lead to butterscotch, nutmeg and vanilla, roasted pistachio, then pecan syrup with a hint of black pepper on creme brûlée. On the palate butterscotch and egg custard lead to eggnog with nutmeg, drying out quickly mid-palate, before vanilla and pistachio emerge into the medium dry finish.


Amrut Distilleries rums have recently earned prestigious awards from The Spirit Business and from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge competitions.