Muddy River Distillery became the first legal rum distillery in North Carolina in February, 2012 and only seven months later, began selling their first product: Carolina Silver Rum.

Muddy River Distillery - Muddy River Rum is produced at a craft distillery in Belmont North Carolina, as well as an aged spirit known as Queen Chalotte's Reserve.

Muddy River Distillery of Belmont, North Carolina offer a fine white Carolina Rum, as well as an aged premium rum named Queen Charlotte’s Reserve.

Combining premium grade molasses and sugar, along with a special strain of yeast, master distiller Robbie Delaney prefers a slow, small batch fermentation for up to two weeks before moving the mash to their custom built hybrid reflux column stills, Freedom and Democracy.

Co-founder Caroline Delaney oversees the business and has the final say on tasting the finished product.

Muddy River Carolina Silver Rum offers aromas of green banana and a whiff of white pepper before rich caramel, hard candy, marshmallow, taffy and a bit of almond. On the palate a very soft entry of gentle cane leads to very clean and subtle ripe banana, warming in the mid palate to reveal peppery notes on top of vegetal fresh cane, before a warm, lingering finish.

The Muddy River Distillery recently released an aged rum. Queen Charlotte’s Reserve brings aromas of aromatic cedar and white oak, dried fruit, creamy butter and earthy wood, cane syrup, apricot, dates and white raisin. On the palate a smooth entry is dominated by big oak drying out with ripe butter and shortbread cookie. A surprisingly well balanced rum that’s a pleasure to sip.

Another recent release is a coconut flavored rum.

Muddy River Distillery now has the capacity to deliver 300 bottles a day and distribution is growing quickly with online sales in most U.S. states.

This artisanal American hand crafted product represents the new rum revolution — a return to the days when small batch American rums made by mom and pop entrepreneurs were among the very best in the world.