As Crested Butte transforms into ski-town mode for the winter, local rum producer Montanya Distillers is toasting the season with an abundance of new happenings as the “official rum of Crested Butte Mountain Resort.”

Now named the "official rum of Crested Butte Mountain Resort," Montanya's award-winning Oro Dark Rum and Platino Light Rum are making a splash in this picturesque community.

Montanya Distillers of Crested Butte, Colorado produces a number of award-winning rums, including their Oro Dark Rum and Platino Light Rum.

Montanya Distillers has always been dedicated to giving customers the opportunity to get up close up and personal with its distillers, and to witness the unique process of making Montanya Oro and Platino rums.

Montanya Expands Production

A recent expansion in Crested Butte has allowed them a new and better way to achieve this goal.

When the company moved to a new building downtown a year ago, they focused first on expanding distilling in its larger facility two miles from downtown, in nearby Riverland Business Park. This fall, the company also installed two copper stills and four fermentation tanks in the downtown Tasting Room location to expand production and invite the public in for a more complete insider’s look at the distilling process.

A New Line of Bitters

The company recently introduced a line of house-made bitters and artisan Oro rum truffles made on-site by Jodi Harper Nute (one of the eleven staff members at Montanya) and available only at its Tasting Room in Crested Butte.

The bitters use Montanya rum as their base to infuse dramatic flavors such as pineapple habanero, winter peach, coffee, fig, grapefruit, tiki and Thai.

The dark chocolate ganache used for the truffles is made with Montanya Oro rum and rolled in hazelnut, almond, coconut, Dutch chocolate or red chili.

The truffles are available singly, in gift boxes and are featured on the dessert menu.

Award-Wining Rums

These award-winning rums, including the gold Oro Dark Rum and the white Platino Light Rum, are filtered through coconut-husk charcoal and blended with Colorado mountain spring water.