With Stade’s Rum Barbados Bond No. 8, West Indies Rum Distillery goes back in time to rekindle a brand name that evokes the early days of rum production on the island of Barbados.

The Man Behind The Brand Name

German Engineer George Stade forever changed the method of producing rum on the island when he installed the first modern column still in 1893.

The company quickly grew to be the largest producer in Barbados and is today recognized as the most important export business on the island.Stade's Rum Barbados Bond No. 8

The Debut of Stade’s Rums

Two rums were issued in 2022 under this new brand, the Beach Vat No. 1 clear rum and this aged rum — Stade’s Rum Barbados Bond No. 8, a blend of aged column distillate and high ester rum made on the old refurbished Gregg’s Farm Copper Pot Still after a weeks-long fermentation.

It’s an interesting and artful blend of various marques from one to eight years old that varies from the modern styles often associated with the island of Barbados. This expression truly is a reflection of times gone by and a fitting tribute to George Stade — the man that set the modern standards for rum production on the island.

Awards and Recognition

The new Stade’s Rums have been gaining international recognition almost immediately. The 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded Stade’s rum with double gold certification.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of toasted oak with raisins and stone fruit leads to a bit of cigar box and leather over a suggestion of caramel. On the palate, the toasted oak is complimented by a bouquet of dark fruit compote, baking spices and a hint of raw cacao. The taste profile finishes with echoes of toasted oak and tropical fruit.

This rum delivers fabulous flavor for rum cocktails that demand a robust profile and well balanced elements. On the rocks, it’s a fine casual sipper at a value price, and presents a uniquely satisfying aged rum expression when served neat.

The 750ml bottle of Stade’s Rum Barbados Bond No. 8, at 43%, is available widely for about $25.

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