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Rhum Saint James Cellar Reserve from Martinique

A single batch pure cane rhum aged in the tropical climate of Martinique, Rhum Saint James Cellar Reserve is bottled at 51.3% ABV. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this vintage 2015 expression is the maturation in first-fill Bourbon barrels, rather than the traditional loose grain French Limousin Oak.

Production Notes

More than 1,000 acres of sugarcane plantations surround the distillery, located in the North East section of the island, facilitating the rapid transport from cane field to cane crush.

Rhum Saint James Cellar Reserve from Martinique

Rhum Saint James Cellar Reserve is a single batch pure cane overproof rhum aged in first-fill Bourbon barrels.

A traditional fast fermentation (less than 72 hours) in open vats precedes a traditional single pass distillation at low ABV using legacy creole columns.

All of the rhum from this single batch of Cellar Reserve was matured in America Oak — once used Bourbon Barrels — to impart a unique profile not found in other Rhum Agricole spirits.

This Cellar Reserve expression is produced under the strict standards of the Martinique AOC geographical indication, adhering under French law to the appellation d’origine contrôlée regulations.

Tasting Notes

Initial aromas of toasted oak notes mingled with mellow vanilla are followed by baking spices and butter before a whiff of figs and prunes, a hint of bread pudding, oaked Chardonnay and orange blossom.

On the palate, a mellow entry of toasted oak and vanilla expands mid-palette with big warm tones of buttered toast, dark fruit compote, cassia bark, almond and cacao. The finish continues with fading notes of toasted oak, praline, tobacco leaf and citrus rind.

Produced under the direction of Master of Rum Marc Sassier, this unique 2015 vintage rhum manages to faithfully adhere to the traditions of the region and the distillery, while presenting a delightfully bold and impressive accent from the white oak Bourbon barrels, which sets it apart from other Rhum Agricole expressions.

Legacy of Saint James

Rhum Saint James is an AOC certified brand from Martinique — the oldest brand on the island and the third oldest rum brand in the world.

Rhum Saint James

Les Plantations Rhum Saint James visitors center and museum

The facility in the coastal region of Saint Marie holds the most important stock of old rhums in the Agricole world with more than 15,000 casks.

Barrel Warehouse at Rhum Saint James

Barrel Warehouse at Rhum Saint James

It’s also the most popular distillery in Martinique with more than 120,000 visitors annually.

The Cane Plantation Train

The Cane Plantation Train at Rhum Saint James Distillery

The Rhum Saint James brand is owned by La Martiniquaise, one of the world’s largest international spirit companies. The entire production facility is energy-independent, designed and operated in the most efficient manner to minimize the impact on the environment through every step of the process.

historic water wheel cane crush

historic water wheel cane crush

Imported by 375 Park Avenue Spirits in Kentucky (a division of the Sazerac Company), this single batch aged Rhum Agricole expression is limited to 3,835 bottles. Rhum Saint James Cellar Reserve at 51.3% ABV, carries a suggested retail price of $50 in the USA for the 750ml bottle.

Rhum Saint James web site:

Master Distiller Marc Sassier shares a bottle of Rhum Saint James vintage 1885

Master Distiller Marc Sassier shares a bottle of Rhum Saint James vintage 1885

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Tiburón White Tip Overproof Rum from Belize

The spanish word for shark, Tiburón evokes a sense of the majestic, untamed tropical spirit of Belize, known for its outstanding coral reefs, blue holes and pristine beaches. It’s only appropriate that every bottle of Tiburón White Tip Overproof Rum sold contributes to the Oceana conservation effort.

Tiburon White Tip Overproof Rum from Belize

Tiburón White Tip Overproof Rum

White Tip Production Notes

White Tip overproof rum starts with a base of molasses in open fermentation tanks before distillation in a modern column still to produce a very clean, crystal clear rum. For flavor enhancement, a small portion of the heads are added back to the final blend before a polishing filter is used to further refine the distillate.

Before bottling, it’s optimally proofed to 46% (92 proof) to balance the spirit’s strength with its flavor profile.

The result is a distinctive white overproof rum that can be used to upgrade basic cocktails and punch recipes to premium quality.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of sweet cane and subtle fresh cream precede a faint floral note. On the palate, butterscotch leads with a hint of sweetness before drying out mid-palate with suggestions of marshmallow. The heat of this 92 proof fresh distillate rum is surprisingly well controlled, even as the finish lingers longer than expected.

Tiburón White Tip Overproof Rum in the 750ml bottle sells for about $25.

About Oceana

Oceana is dedicated to achieving measurable change by conducting specific, science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goals. The non-profit was established by a group of leading foundations: The Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisla Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), Sandler Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund — after a 1999 study they commissioned discovered that less than 0.5 percent of all resources spent by environmental nonprofit groups in the United States went to ocean advocacy. Since its founding, Oceana has won more than 225 victories and protected nearly 4 million square miles of ocean.

Stroh 160 Overproof Rum

An unconventional product by any standard, Stroh 160 Overproof Rum is a unique spiced and flavored rum liqueur from Austria that defies categorization. Like Germany’s Rum Verschnitt, it’s made of neutral grain distillate, loaded with strong essences and rich rum flavors.

In Germany and Scandinavia, the traditional holiday comfort flavor profile makes it a favorite for celebrations, but you rarely see it used to make cocktails — or be forewarned — enjoyed straight.

Every rum has a purpose. At 80% abv, Stroh 160 delivers a robust and potent spirit popularly used as a key ingredient in festive punch recipes, representing warmth, friendliness and good cheer. It’s also mixed with black tea to create a traditional warm Jagertee libation popular for after-ski festivities in Europe.

Stroh 160 is used to flambé table-side dishes, but perhaps it’s most popular use is for home baking, like old-fashioned holiday fruit cake.

Stroh 160 Legacy

Stroh 160 Overproof RumThe rum’s secret recipe was first developed in 1832 by Sebastian Stroh. Like Jägermeister, this “inlander rum” is sometimes perceived as a powerful manly elixir representing a wistful bygone era of old European spirit making.

In a Scandinavian hunter’s cabin deep in the frozen woods, a shot of Stroh 160 might seem appropriate to provide a warm invigorating experience, but otherwise, it’s not advisable to attempt drinking it straight.

Stroh 160 Tasting Notes

The bold crimson vermillion color first gets your attention. Aromas of pound cake, butterscotch, assorted fruit jelly and baking spices belie its overproof nature. On the palate, an initial hint of cotton candy precedes a big explosion of overwhelming fruit flavors and high ester funk before the base of creamy butterscotch, vanilla, treacle and baking spices endure into the very long finish.

Stroh 160 Overproof Rum In The USA

In Europe, this product is known as Stroh 80, referring to the 80% alcohol by volume overproof rating. In the USA, the same rum is named Stroh 160 to underscore its 160 proof content. In simple terms, there is twice as much alcohol in this bottle than your average 80 proof rum, so a little bit goes a long way.

Among tiki enthusiasts, Stroh 160 has earned a reputation as a welcome component in Polynesian-style cocktails and topical libations that integrate a strong overproof rum into the recipe.

The 750ml bottle of Stroh 160 overproof rum sells for about $35.

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Stolen Overproof Rum launching in key U.S. markets

Known for their clever approach to marketing, Stolen Spirits announces the release of their Stolen Overproof Rum across the United States in key markets.

Discovering Stolen Overproof Rum

Stolen discovered this rum at a historic, family-run distillery in Jamaica that’s over 250 years old.

Stolen Overproof Rum

Stolen Spirits’ Overproof rum from Jamaica is produced in a traditional pot still from a legacy distillery.

In their time-honored Jamaican style, the mash ferments for seven days in a selection of 50 different cedar vats, developing a bold, rich and complex flavor profile. Traditional copper pots are used to distill the rum in a rustic manner, before a six year maturation in used whiskey barrels.

Stolen Overproof Rum is bottled at 123 proof (61.5% abv) and presented in half-size 375ml bottles with a suggested list price of about $20.

Tasting Notes

Stolen Overproof Rum offers aromas of bold charred oak and pepper over ripe banana, leading to funky juicy fruit. On the palate, a bold entry of butter, vanilla and oak develops a bouquet of fruit in the dry mid-palate with hints of tart citrus, soft pear, black banana and a touch of treacle in the long finish.

A Handcrafted Rum

“We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have discovered this remarkable product. It’s rare to find a handcrafted rum of this proof and quality that’s been aged for six years,” said Samira Seiller, Global Managing Director of Stolen Spirits.

Stolen Overproof Rum is a limited release, with only 60,000 of the half-size 375ml bottles available.

About Stolen Spirits

Other notable releases from Stolen Spirits include the Stolen Smoked rum.

The brand began in 2010 when two rum fanatics gave up the corporate grind to pursue their passion in Auckland, New Zealand.  Stolen Spirits products are currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina and Tennessee, with more states coming online soon.

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