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Just Rum Maple Wood Rested aged rum from Oregon

A boutique craft distillery in Sandy, Oregon is producing a small batch fresh cane rum of note for rum enthusiasts and collectors — Just Rum Maple Wood Rested aged rum.

Fresh Costa Rican cane juice is fermented with a legacy strain of yeast from the Caribbean in a lengthy cycle, averaging 14 days. With a simple electric-fired kettle distillation, they begin collecting the heart of the batch at 174 degrees which produces distillate at 145 proof. When the proof falls to 82, the distillation is complete.

This process delivers a distillate reminiscent of traditional estate rums of the early colonial era. The true essence of cane is not lost in this rum base with amusingly complex aromas and a robust flavor profile that is surprisingly smooth for a high proof American rum.

Just Rum Maple Wood Rested fresh cane rum from Oregon

Just Rum Maple Wood Rested fresh cane rum from Oregon

No Flavorings Added

Just Rum Maple Wood Rested is not maple flavored, but rather rested with toasted maple wood to instill the essence and distinct influence of its interaction over time.

Matured at 61%, the resulting unfiltered, unsweetened rum is proofed down to 51% for bottling. This expression presents delightful toasted wood elements, a hint of natural sweetness, and a unique flavor profile not found in other American rums.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of caramel and cigar box over grassy cane, apple cider and a funky fruit note precede a hint of white wine. On the palate, a dry opening with fresh yeast bread leads to toasted wood and grassy cane before suggestions of maple sugar candy, mixed fruit pastry, apple fritter and cedar plank, ending with a long finish of delightful wood notes.

Fresh Cane Rum

This Oregon craft rum stands alone with this combination of fresh cane juice, a robust yeast fermentation, simple distillation and maple wood influence, created by an American distiller with a penchant for authenticity and bygone traditional estate methods.


Just Rum’s White and Maple expressions both won gold awards in the Rum Jury tasting competition held at Miami Rum Festival in May, 2019.

The 750ml bottle of Just Rum Maple Wood Rested, bottled at 102 proof, sells for about $39.

Distillery Tours and Tastings

Tasting tours and distillery visits are arranged by appointment with Just Rum at 34905 SE Gunderson Road in Sandy, Oregon, 97055. Call 808-443-6671.

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4 Spirits Rum honors American servicemen

Dawson Officer established his 4 Spirits craft distillery in Adair Village, Oregon in 2010, creating hand-made 4 Spirits Rum in honor of fallen comrades lost in Iraq. Now, his artisanal 4 Spirits Rum expressions are gaining the attention of consumers and rum enthusiasts near and far.

4 Spirits Rum - Creating craft white rum and spiced rum in Oregon, Dawson Officer's 4 Spirits Distillery seeks to honor fallen war veterans.

The new 4 Spirits Craft Distillery in Adiar Village, Oregon produces artisanal white and spiced rum, honoring the service of military veterans.

Housed in a former U.S. Air Force building at Adair Village, the distillery also produces Webfoot and SlapTail vodkas for Ducks and Beavers fans.

Officer’s 4 Spirits Silver Rum is the first of three small batch releases in his new signature rum series. Initial aromas of fresh bread and yeast with a suggestion of sourdough leads to ripe banana, then subtle cherry and almond before a complex juicy fruity bouquet. A super soft sweet entry develops into pleasant juicy fruit on the mid palate and a note of banana candy before drying out with hints of pepper, fading into a warm lingering green apple finish. The 4 Spirits Silver Rum at 40% ABV in a 750ml bottle retails for $27.95.

The 4 Spirits Spiced Rum, at 40% ABV, is a delightful expression. Initial aromas of vanilla, banana, nutmeg and baking spices lead to a comforting apple cinnamon pie. On the palate, the sweet but smooth entry suggests wonderful desserts like banana’s foster with whipped cream, fruit cake and apple cinnamon tart. The 4 Spirits Spiced Rum in a 750ml bottle retails for $31.95.

Officer’s 4 Spirits Veterans Scholarship Endowment Fund at OSU (Oregon State University) in Corvallis helps military veterans get an advanced education.

The public is invited to visit 4 Spirits Distillery and sample their 4 Spirits Rum on Saturdays from noon to 5pm at 6040 NE Marcus Harris Avenue in Adair Village, Oregon.

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