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Pusser’s Navy Rum on Black Tot Day

On the occasion of the last day in July, we celebrate British Royal Navy traditions with a remembrance of Black Tot Day — July 31, 1970 — the infamous day that British sailors were served their last daily ration of rum aboard the ships.

The End Of An Era

For more than 300 years, the navy had issued a ration of rum to their sailors daily, but it all ended on Black Tot Day. Nearly a decade later, the recipe was exhumed and the tradition of enjoying Navy style rum was rekindled with the first release of Pusser’s Navy Rum in 1979.

Pusser's Navy Rum - Black Tot Day

at 84 proof, Pusser’s Navy Rum is the key ingredient in the Painkiller cocktail

Pusser’s Navy Rum

The classic navy-style dark, rich, full-flavored rum, Pusser’s British Navy Rum Blue Label, at 84 proof, is the key ingredient in the famous Painkiller trademarked cocktail.

As with the original British Navy formula, principal marques in this blend are created in legacy wooden pot stills in Guyana, providing a rustic distillation process similar to those used centuries ago, producing a bold, rich flavor profile.

Tasting Notes

This medium bodied, deep orange amber rum offers heady aromas of citrus candy, molasses, vanilla, sassafras and smoked honey. On the palette, Pusser’s Navy Rum offers bold flavors of toasted oak, dark tropical fruit, burnt sugar, creamy caramel and sherry are presented before the warm, long lasting finish offers fading echoes of treacle and old wood.

Pusser’s Rum Expressions

Pusser’s also produces a 15 year old version of its Navy Rum, a spiced expression and a unique gunpowder edition, along with several collectable versions in elaborately decorated ceramic vessels.

A substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of Pusser’s Navy Rum benefits The Royal Navy Sailor’s Fund, a legacy charity more commonly called the “Tot Fund.”

Pusser’s rum is imported and marketed by Shaw-Ross International Importers in the United States. This navy rum is available in 50 states, and through select online outlets, for about $25.

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Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof rum coming to USA

Already gaining attention and drawing rave reviews across the pond, the latest expression of aged rum from the iconic Pusser’s brand draws on true legends and practices of the British Royal Navy.

Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Original Admiralty Strength Navy Rum will launch in seven U.S. markets on July 31. The date  commemorates the 46th anniversary of Black Tot Day.

Pusser's Gunpowder Proof Original Admiralty Strength Navy Rum, bottled at 54.5%, won Best in Class in the 2016 RumXP tasting competition awards.

Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Admiralty Strength Navy Rum — Best in Class at the 2016 RumXP tasting competition — will launch in the USA on the occasion of Black Tot Day.

Bottled at 54.5%, this bold expression hearkens back to a time before modern hydrometers were used to test spirits. According to custom, a small amount of gunpowder was floated on top of a rum sample to prove the strength of the rum. If the gunpowder flashed when lit with flame, it was “proof” that the spirit was full strength — worthy of naval commission.


This unique Pusser’s expression took the Best in Class Gold Award in the Overproof category from the 2016 RumXP tasting competition awards at Miami Rum Festival.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of charred wood, smoke and charcoal play well with cherry almond, soft rubber funk, ripe banana, buttery treacle, white pepper and an aromatic sensation. The palate is wild and wicked, starting with molasses before an explosion of big flavors dominated by notes of sulfur and charcoal. Mid-palate brings smoke and ash, funky dark fruit and leather before a long warm finish recalls smokey peat in the robust mouthfeel.

American Launch

With the seal of approval from Navy Rum fanatics in the United Kingdom, the rum now finds it way to the erstwhile North American British colonies to be distributed to waiting rum enthusiasts across the United States.

The timing of the release commemorates Black Tot Day on July 31, 1970. It was a solemn occasion when the last daily ration of rum was served aboard British Royal Navy ships.

“Gunpowder Proof is riding the wave of hand-crafted artisan spirits that are authentic and all-natural,” said Pusser’s CEO Gary Rogalski. “Forbes Magazine called the blend ‘the single malt of rum’ because of the painstaking batch process required to blend, bottle and bring the rum to market. We are all proud of our association in serving Liquid History to a strong and growing core of rum aficionados.”

Rogalski said Pusser’s will initially introduce the rum to its Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, California, mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets, with others to follow as the spirit gains traction.

Pusser’s Rum Limited is a British Virgin Island Company with administrative offices in Charleston, South Carolina. Its products are imported into the United States by Shaw-Ross International Importers.

Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Original Admiralty Strength Navy Rum sells for $32.95.

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