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Don Q Single Barrel 2009 from Puerto Rico

Don Q’s Signature Release Single Barrel 2009 was hand selected by the master distiller from a selection of the Serrallés family’s private rum stocks, then laid to rest in charred American oak casks before bottling in 2019.

This limited edition light bodied aged rum is an expertly crafted noble spirit — a fine example of the Puerto Rican style.

Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel 2009 aged rumIt was designed following the trend of Don Q’s Signature Release Single Barrel Collection — after the 2005 and 2007 editions — as a light rum, distilled in a multi-column alembic still and then aged at 150 proof for a decade in single-use white oak barrels, previously used for Bourbon whiskey.

Tasting Notes

The medium amber color suggests a long resting period in oak. Aromas of fruit and spice with smokey oak dominate, before honey butter and vanilla over fruit cake and compote, with just a hint of molasses. On the palate, a bold entry of toasted oak leads to a creamy mouthfeel with butter cookie, accented by vanillin and Crème brûlée, before hints of bitter cocoa and charred oak linger in the medium long finish.

Enjoying Single Barrel 2009

For upscale cocktails like a Rum Old Fashioned, this light bodied, well-aged spirit is a great choice, or enjoy sipping it slowly on the rocks in a generous tumbler.

This 750ml bottle of Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel 2009, bottled at 40% abv, sells for about $49.

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Don Q 2005 Vintage Single Barrel Rum from Puerto Rico

From the Serralles family distillery located near the city of Ponce on the south coast of Puerto Rico, this new Don Q 2005 Single Barrel aged rum reflects the signature style of the company’s legacy of producing authentic dry aged rums.

Don Q 2005 Single Barrel vintage rum is part of a limited edition series, bottled from a small selection of exceptional single barrel Puerto Rican rum laid down in 2005.

From Serralles, the masters of Puerto Rican Rum, Don Q presents this Single Barrel limited edition 2005 vintage aged rum.

Don Q Single Barrel 2005 vintage from Serralles is a limited edition release ten year old aged rum from Puerto Rico.

Crafted from molasses using a modern five column still, this unique spirit by Master Distiller Silvia Santiago is worthy of the Serrallés family name and their 150 year reputation for producing exceptional rum.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, a delicate sweetness over toasted wood leads to a pleasant note of cane, a touch of sourdough and nut butter, with a hint of marzipan. On the palate, a delicate entry quickly develops a pleasant warmth that features charred and toasted bourbon wood before a rich buttery viscosity persists into the long finish.

Drink It Neat

Enjoyed neat in a fine tasting glass, the Don Q 2005 Single Barrel is a delightful experience for those that truly appreciate a well aged, dry light rum.

Bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof), the limited edition 750ml bottle of  Don Q Single Barrel 2005 Vintage rum sells for $39.99.

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