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Lemon Hart Blackpool Spiced Rum

The Blackpool Spiced Rum expression carries on the Lemon Hart tradition with a rich and complex blend of authentic Demerara rums accented with delightful spices from the Caribbean region and beyond.

Aromas begin with treacle and toasted marshmallow, burnt caramel, sweet vanilla, black coffee, dark fruit, light clove and nutmeg over a suggestion of caramel custard. On the palate, burnt caramel, brown butter and vanilla is accented by dark rich mocha, toasted marshmallow and black banana before the spices take over at mid-palate. Clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger linger before fading into a hint of black pepper. Bitter oak in the finish keeps it from being cloying.

Bottled at 86 proof, Lemon Hart & Son's Blackpool Spiced Rum brings complexity and bold flavor to any tropical libation.

The 750ml bottle is priced at about $29.

Category: Flavored/Spiced
Sub-Category: Spiced
Tags: copper pot,two column still
source: Guyana
producer: Lemon Hart & Son
distiller: Demerara Distillers
abv: 43