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Rum Arôme 28

Among the most exclusive and expensive rums on the market, the new Rum Arôme presents a luxury aged rum experience for serious rum collectors and connoisseurs. Rum Arôme is produced my a life-long master of rum in Panama and packaged for the luxury market, this rare rum expression is limited to 500 bottles worldwide. The rum is distilled in a vintage copper column still and aged in used whiskey barrels for 28 years before a careful blending brings all the elements into a near perfect balance. Aromas include brown sugar, charred whiskey wood, honey, baking spice, ripe butter and leather, with a hint of black pepper. A very smooth sweet entry builds big warmth at mid-palate before drying out with lingering vanilla and big wood over dried fruit, offering hints cinnamon, cocoa and allspice. Notes of white raisins and butter linger in the long finish.

Category: Aged
Tag: two column still
source: Panama
producer: Rum Arôme
distiller: Pilsa
abv: 40