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Novo Fogo Graciosa

Graciosa Cachaça -- aged for two years in re-purposed American oak, then finished for 18 months in a Brazil Nut wood barrel -- is named after the idyllic road that crosses Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest from the mountains to the sea. Aromas of pecan shell, cinnamon bark and floral essences compliment the woody herbal character and cane fragrances. On the palate, aromatic wood and bark lead to bright cinnamon, allspice and clove. At mid-palate, cane and toasted almond are balanced by a hint of anise in the warm finish.

Category: Cachaça
Sub-Category: Aged Cachaça
Tag: copper pot hybrid
source: Brazil
producer: Novo Fogo
distiller: Agroecológica Marumbi distillery
abv: 42