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Werneck Ouro

Cachaça Werneck Ouro is a premium cachaça. Ouro (gold) is aged in European oak casks for two years. With a crystal light yellow color, this cachaca is very smooth and lightly woodened with the aroma and flavor given by the oak tannins. Fine, intense, persistent, elegant nose with mature fruits, vanilla and herbs. Embodied, balanced acidity and very smooth. Even though it has a light wood taste, the original cachaça flavor is fully perceived. Werneck Ouro got the Silver Medal in the Super Premium Category in São Paulo (ExpoCachaça) in September 2012. This cachaça was twice (2014 and 2016) awarded as one of the 50 Best Cachacas in the World by the Ranking of Cupula da Cachaca. Official Cachaça of the anniversary of Rio de Janeiro – Rio 450 years. Got a Silver Medal in Expo Cachaca BH in june 2016.

Category: Cachaça
Sub-Category: Aged Cachaça
source: Brazil
producer: ECX Cachaças Artesanais Ltda-ME
abv: 40