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Apple Estate 50 Rare Limited Edition

This ultra-rare 50 year old Jamaica Independence Reserve was released in 2012 for Jamaica's 50th Independence celebration, featuring rums that began aging in 1962 under the tutelage of several generations of master blenders. Rich aromas of dark honeyed whiskey barrel and toasty oak lead to dark dried fruit and orange peel, blackcurrant and a hint of green apple. On the palate, a fleeting moment of thick caramel creaminess dissolves rapidly into rich warm brown butter, moss and smoky peat, above leather and vegetal notes. The wood just keeps on talking in the end with an extremely warm aftertaste and long lingering barrel notes. Lucky if you ever get to taste this one.

Category: Aged
Tags: five column still,copper pot
source: Jamaica
producer: J. Wray & Nephew
distiller: Appleton Distillery
abv: 45