On the west coast of Australia, the boutique family-run Kimberly Rum Company produces CaneFire No. 5 Aged Rum, a blend of two distinct marques.

The first, dubbed Rohans’ Reserve, is a low cut high ester rum with a double run through the still, focusing heavily on character and deep flavor. The second, known as Annual Reserve, is triple distilled with few residual esters, resulting in a very light bodied zesty rum.

The blend of these two styles of rum in just the right balance is the key to the consistency of CaneFire 5 Year Old Rum.

The CaneFire No. 5 Process

CaneFire No. 5 -- CaneFire 5 Year Old Aged RumStarting with raw, unrefined, first-quality Australian sugar, the process is started with a heat tolerant slow acting yeast that gently ferments over a long 40 day cycle.

CaneFire 5 Year Old Rum is distilled in a custom built 1000 liter stainless steel Australian still. The distillate is then aged in oak from Australian wineries, including sherry and French oak ex-shiraz barrels, for at least five years.

CaneFire No. 5 Tasting Notes

Aromas of cinnamon, baking spices and shortbread cookie over an earthy base are accented by a floral note, perhaps lavender. On the palate, the earthy mineral notes are balanced by spicy sassafras root and sweet nectar before a woody bitterness is revealed mid-palate for fine balance. Wood notes linger in the medium long finish.

CaneFire 5 Year Old Rum from Australia is an un-dosed dry rum which suits the Australian palette with its deep rich character. It stands up to bold ingredients in rum cocktails, goes especially well with cola, and plays well in a tumbler on the rocks along with a garnish of fresh orange peel.

Bottled at 40%, CaneFire No. 5 sells for $119 in Australia, equivalent to about $85 in the USA.


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