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American Rum Report Seminar at Miami Rum Fest

One of the most interesting seminars at Miami Rum Festival (May 17-18 in Coral Gables) is the American Rum Report Panel Discussion — shining a light on American Rum producers, their philosophies and techniques, in the emerging American Rum market.

More rum distilleries have opened in the United States in the past six years than the rest of the world combined. Many American Rum brands make a big splash at the Miami Rum Festival, garnering attention from the international rum experts, judges, distributors and collectors, while establishing their reputations among rum enthusiast consumers.

Moderating this panel discussion is Will Hoekenga of American Rum Report, based in Nashville, TN.

“We’re honored to host these fine rum producers and their seminar on American Rums,” said Robert Burr, Miami Rum Festival organizer. “There is so much activity among American producers that it takes a dedicated media channel like American Rum Report to keep up with all the emerging trends. Will is doing a great job with his web site and timely newsletter, a must for all who have a serious interest in the new American Rum Revolution.”

“American rum is growing and evolving faster every year, but what’s really exciting is it feels like we’re still at the beginning of something that’s going to be much bigger,” said Will Hoekenga, publisher of American Rum Report. “The producers in this panel aren’t just the people putting American rum on the map right now — they’re the ones influencing what it will become for the next several decades.”

Among the American Rum producers participating are Phil Prichard of Prichard’s Rum in Tennessee, Tim Russell of Maggie’s Farm in Pennsylvania, and Jonny VerPlanck of Three Roll Estate (formerly Cane Land Distilling) in Louisiana — each the recipient of numerous awards for their fine rums.

With more than 230 rum distilleries now operating across the U.S. — and more opening each month — the vast majority of Americans can easily find locally distilled rum. Florida alone has more than 20 rum distillers, while California, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all have more than a dozen each.

But what might be most surprising is the variety of rum styles distillers are making across the country. You’ll find everything from fresh cane juice rums made from heritage varieties of sugarcane grown by the distillers, to full-bodied, molasses-based rums aged in new white oak barrels.

The American Rum Report seminar takes place on Saturday, May 18th at 5pm. Seating for the seminar is limited. Please RSVP in advance.

Advance tickets to the Miami Rum Festival in Coral Gables on May 17-18 — starting at $50 for unlimited samples — are available online.

Miami Rum Renaissance Festival is the longest running, top-rated rum tasting event in South Florida — the number one local rum market in the world.

American Rum Report is tracking U.S.-produced rums to reveal emerging trends, provide transparency, and offer a full picture of the American rum revival. Its weekly newsletter and comprehensive index of American rums and distilleries allow both rum enthusiasts and producers to keep up with all the American rum stories that matter.

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Great Rum Challenge In Fort Lauderdale

Attention rum consumers, collectors and fanatics: mark your calendars for Thursday, May 17 in Fort Lauderdale to experience the Great Rum Challenge interactive tasting seminar. It’s a wonderful and enlightening experience for those that know their rums — and for those that want to learn more about the best rums available from these Caribbean countries.

The Great Rum Challenge - many styles of rum are produced around the world

can you discern the aromas and subtle qualities of fine aged rums?

Starting at 7pm at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Resort, your rum host presents a number of outstanding rums from the Caribbean with expert advice and commentary on the various styles, methods and variations.

Seven exceptional rums will be presented with insight into the production, aging and blending of each expression.

The Nose Knows

Participants in The Great Rum Challenge are invited to discern the aromas and flavor profiles of the various rums from different countries, created in various styles, looking for unique characteristics and differentiators which define their styles.

During the blind tasting session, attendees try to match each rum sample with its corresponding product on display.

Rum Jury Judges and Awards

The Rum JuryThose who are among the most accurate tasters in the event, could be invited to join the Rum Jury as a judge at the upcoming Rum Renaissance Festival.

Members of the Rum Jury are sequestered for two sessions on Friday, June 8, 2018 for expert conducted blind tastings. The results are analyzed and calculated by seasoned statisticians.

The Rum Jury’s tasting session results will be presented as the 2018 Rum Jury Awards at the festival.

Rum Challenge Limited Availability

This unique Great Rum Challenge tasting experience includes the rum seminar, hosted tasting sessions and samples of all the rums.

Space is limited. Reserve early. For a limited time, use the following promotional code to get a special 2-for-1 admission: GRC18A241

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For more information about types of rum, see Rob’s Rum Guide tutorials.

To stay informed about news and updates in the world of rum, subscribe to Robs Rum Guide.

View insightful and succinct video rum reviews: Rum Minute YouTube Channel.

Experience the ultimate rum travel adventure: Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise.

2018 Rum Renaissance Seminars Announced

The schedule for the 2018 Rum Renaissance Seminars features a broad and robust range of topics of interest to serious rum enthusiasts, as well as casual consumers.

Rum Renaissance Seminars and Master Classes ar Rum Renaissance Festival

a broad range of seminars and master classes are scheduled for the 2018 Rum Renaissance Festival

The tenth annual Rum Renaissance Festival, scheduled for the weekend of June 9-10, 2018 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center offers a large quantity of rum samples from across the globe.

The event is known for attracting high quality speakers to share knowledge and insight with attendees into the realms of rum production, expert tasting and evaluation, international marketing, rum cocktails and more.

Rum Renaissance Seminars

Two seminar classrooms at the Grand Tasting Event can accommodate about 80 participants each. Reserved seating is available for $20 at the festival, or $15 in advance.

The complete seminar and master class schedule is available online at Continue reading

Cannabis Cocktails Seminar coming to Miami Rum Fest

Attendees of the Miami Rum Festival and Trade Expo might be sampling some cocktails of a different ilk at the Cannabis Cocktails Seminar.

Warren Bobrow, author of Cannabis CocktailsWarren Bobrow, mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer is a freelance mixologist specializing in Craft Spirits and the implementation of specialty bar, cocktail and ice programs. Among his most popular books is “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics.” Continue reading

The New American Rum Revolution seminar

American Rums highlighted in international cocktail seminar

The New American Rum Revolution has arrived. The 2016 Tales Of The Cocktail convention in new Orleans will present a seminar hosted by the editors of Robs Rum Guide featuring great American rum producers.

Details of The New American Rum Revolution seminar have recently been released.

The New American Rum Revolution seminar

The New American Rum Revolution seminar at the 2016 Tales of the Cocktail convention in New Orleans will be hosted by the editors of Robs Rum Guide.

The 90 minute program is designed to provide a perspective on American rum’s past, present and future. The seminar will share insight from some of the most successful American rum producers.

“In the past few years, more national, regional and local rum distillers are gaining well-deserved attention. Many making their mark as true artisan spirits by winning awards and setting new standards for authentic, hand-made rum,” said Robert A. Burr, publisher of Robs Rum Guide. “It’s nothing short of a rum revolution. It’s changing the American rum industry, bringing back the art of craft distilling. It’s presenting American rum in a most favorable light. We’re emphasizing the quality aspects of small production.”

American Rum History

Before the American revolution, more than 8,000 distilleries in the American colonies were producing rum. A plentiful supply of molasses was available through trade with Caribbean islands. Most ceased production by the time prohibition decimated the American spirits industry.

“It’s nothing short of a rum revolution — presenting American rum in a most favorable light by emphasizing the quality aspects of small production.”

According to the editors of Robs Rum Guide, the number of distilleries now producing rum in the United States is growing at a incredible rate. The trend is igniting what what can only be described as a new American rum revolution.

The New American Rum Revolution Has Arrived

The rum renaissance has sparked a tasting seminar at the upcoming Tales Of The Cocktail festival in New Orleans in July where bartenders and professionals in the spirits trade gather to learn more about their industry.

Among the seminar panelists are Trey Litel of Louisiana Spirits (Bayou Rum), Bob Gunter of the Koloa Rum Company and Steven Gubb of Paradise Imports (Gubba Rum). Robert V. Burr will lead an informative and entertaining sampling of notable American rums. His presentation will contain details about each of the producers’ unique qualities.

Notable American Rums Featured

Select tastings of rums from featured American distilleries include Koloa Kauai Coffee, Gubba Gold, Bayou Select, Taildragger Amber, St. George California Reserve Agricole, St. Augustine Pot Distilled, Montanya Exclusiva, Maggie’s Farm Queen’s Share Rye Barrel, Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Rum, and Siesta Key Toasted Coconut.

The New American Rum Revolution seminar features notable expressions from American producers.

The New American Rum Revolution seminar features notable expressions from American producers.

The New American Rum Revolution seminar takes place in New Orleans at 3:30pm on Wednesday, July 20 at the Fleur de Lis Suite of the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street. For information about this global gathering of the spirits industry, or tickets for this seminar, visit the Tales Of The Cocktail web site.

Here’s a list of American Rum Producers.

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