Rob’s Rum Guide Is Published Annually

Robs Rum Guide 2016

Robs Rum Guide 2016

Consider advertising in Robs Rum Guide.

Robs Rum Guide is an effective advertising opportunity, reaching more than 11,000 readers online directly via email, as well as hundreds who find the online resource daily. The printed guide has an annual circulation of more than 100,000 readers.

The definitive guide to the world’s finest rums is printed in a handy and useful format and distributed throughout Florida and other leading premium rum markets at top-rated beverage retailers and outstanding venues.

The guide offers expert advice and serves as the definitive resource for premium rum products for rum enthusiasts and those with a discerning palate for fine spirits.

Premium rum is enjoying a renaissance in popularity and Rob’s Rum Guide offers sage advice for those that are discovering the world of premium rum from the Caribbean and many great regions of the world.

Guide Format

The format of the guide is 4 x 9 inches. Full page bleed ads should be 4.25 inches wide by 9.25 inches tall, trimmed to 4 x 9.

Publishing Schedule

The Guide is published once a year in the Spring season. The deadline for advertising placement is February 30.


42,500 Rob’s Rum Guides are distributed throughout Florida, plus another 12,500 regionally, nationally and internationally. With an estimated pass along ratio of 3.1 readers per guide, we expect a total readership of 107,500 readers.

Advertising Placements

Premium advertising placement positions are priced as follows:

Ad Size and Position

1x rate

2x rate


Center Spread (two pages)625050008.25 wide x 9.25 tall
(full bleed)
Back Cover375030004.25 wide x 9.25 tall
(full bleed)
Inside Front or Back Cover325026004.25 wide x 9.25 tall
(full bleed)
Full Page Ad275022004.25 wide x 9.25 tall
(full bleed) or
3.5 wide by 8.375 tall
(no bleed)
Half Page Ad150012003.5 wide x 4.125 tall
Quarter Page Ad9007203.5 wide x 2.00 tall

Contact Us

Please contact Robin Burr at your soonest convenience to reserve your advertising space in the next issue of Rob’s Rum Guide. She’ll send over an ad contract immediately to your attention.